Acrylic VS Oil Paints – Differentiate between Acrylic Paints and Oil Paints

Acrylic VS Oil Paints

If you want to become an artist, then you should choose the right colors for your art. There are various types of colors available in the market. However, both acrylic and oil paints are doing great works, but these have some different characteristics. In this guide, you will learn the difference between acrylic VS oil paints. 

For the starters,

The Beginner painters have commonly used watercolours. But acrylic and oil paints are used in the look of professional paintings. It’s tricky to understand how to use it and what the difference is in both colors. But don’t be worry about it because we will guide you in detail. We hope these tricks and knowledge will impress you very much to know about the difference between acrylic paints and oil paints!

What Are Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are made of synthetic colors that are designed to mix and blend. It dries fast, even your painting palette if you do not use paint quicker. It’s less forgiving during this manner, and you want to be determined after you paint. 

You can keep a light water spray when it paints a dry in the painting palette. If you don’t like painting for a long time, then pick the one-third colors to use in your artwork the relevant parts in those colors. After you colored on your canvas, pack your colors for the next sessions to add new colors. This trick will help you to clean your palette and not fill your palette with all colors.

Due to the fastest drying time, acrylic paint is not ideal for portrait paintings or other paintings to adjust your artwork. However, the quick drying time is beneficial for being able to sharp over-layer color. Beginners’ painting often chooses this.

Materials to Start Painting with Acrylic

Materials to Start Painting with Acrylic

There are various materials available for acrylic painting. You will need a cup of water, a brush, a cup of water, a rag or paper towel, and a surface to get started with acrylic colors. It allows you to paint anywhere like; cloth, canvas, sketch papers, etc. There are many brushes available for acrylic lovers in the market to do the painting easily. That is;

  • Acrylic paint wash brushes
  • Acrylic paint round brushes
  • Acrylic paint flat brushes
  • Acrylic paint angled brushes
  • Acrylic paint liner brushes
  • Acrylic paint fan brushes


Water-based colors

Affordable & Versatile


It dries quickly

It is durable and flexible

You can paint on canvas, paper, glass, rocks, fiber, metal, and plastic.


You can’t paint portrait painting by using acrylic colors.

They can’t blend easily because of its dry quickly.

What are Oil Paints?

These paints are slow-drying paints that consist of pigments particles suspended in a drying oil that forms a tough-on exposure to air. For using the oil paints, some oil is specially formulated for oil colors such as; linseed oil, poppy, soya bean, and sunflower can also use for doing art. Turpentine oil is used for washing oil brushes. 

Generally, oil paints are not drying fast. They are the time taken to dry the colors. However, the advantage of these colors’ slow-drying quality is that artists can do artwork with changes and corrections. With oil paints, you can do portrait artwork as well as whatever you want to do art. 

A heavily diluted layer dries comparatively quickly, being tack-free in a very few days. Thicker layers containing a lot of oil take longer. Oil paint continues to dry, obtaining more challenging with age over several decades. Pigments and extenders will affect drying speed; therefore, totally different colors might dry at different rates.

Materials to Start Painting with Oil Painting

Materials to Start Painting with Oil Painting

Are you curious about oil paintings? This article will help you to consider what materials you need to start. There are thousands of materials available in the market as the anything materials available in the market. But, you need to pick out the best one according to your need or demand. We have compiled a few oil painting materials which will ultimately help you to paint with oil paints. 

To get started, you will need paints, linseed oil, or other oils for mixing in painting colors, brushes, a wooden palette, Clothes, Turpentine, or mineral spirits for cleaning your brushes, Pencils, Jar for cleaning brushes, and a painting surface.


It takes a long time to dry. 

You can make realistic paintings.

You can still change your colors while painting. 

Smooth surface texture


To create another layer takes time the next day.

Use another oil or thinner for removing paints on the brush.

Acrylic Paints Vs Oil Paints

Drying Time

The main difference between acrylic and oils is drying time. Oil paints take a few days to dry, depending on humidity and weather temperature, whereas acrylic paints are dry in 15 minutes or within 1 hour.

Mixing Paint

The higher impact of drying time is painting layers. Mixing oils is simpler than mixing acrylics! Therefore, acrylic paints already start to dry during the doing of artwork. However, you can add layers in oil paints after the next day. You can add a thick layer over a thin layer. If you add color after drying the earliest layer, then layers can crack. So it is simple to do; when you paint with the oil colors, add the next layer after washing your brushes. This method will not break your pigment of painting.  


Acrylic Paints are cheaper; on the other side oil paints are costly at some stores, and you will need to purchase other oils for using oil paints. However, acrylic paints are required water.


Acrylic paints are darkening shades as they become dry. Oil paints don’t have this issue. However, some kinds of oil paints become yellow tinge over time. You will need to consider this change in color while using acrylic paints.


One of the best benefits of oil artwork is blending. The Blending is comfortable with oil paints. Use the large blending brush as it can use with oil painting; for example, if you want to paint a landscape painting, you will easily blend the mountains and sky with oil painting colors. On the other hand, blending acrylic colors is not easy to blend due to its quick drying time. 


By using acrylic colors, you can easily remove paints on your hands, clothes, and nails. In comparison, oil painting colors are hard to remove because of their oils. You will need a thinner or Kerosene oil to remove oil painting colors.

Which is Better, Acrylic or Oil Paint?

If you are a beginner, then acrylic paints are the best option for you. However, they dry fast as compared to oil paints, and you can easily paint smoothly. Just add some drops of water for using the acrylic colors, and there is no need to add any oil in these colors. However, acrylic is not ideal; with this color, you will not be able to do portrait painting because of its drying time.

If you are a professional, then you must choose oil paints colors for your artwork. They are ideal for professionals. It will consume a lot of time to dry, but you will change one color into another during the drying time. These colors are challenging to paint on canvas because of their oils. After you work with oil paintings, you will work with your art and these colors!!  

Is Acrylic Paint Oil Based?

Linseed oil or other drying oils are the vehicle and binder of oil paints, while acrylic paint has water-based as the vehicle for the suspension of acrylic resin, which works as the binder. It is the right choice for beginners or home exteriors. Therefore, Debbie DeBaun said that the worst thing about acrylics is that they dry quickly, and the best thing about acrylics is that they dry quickly.


Overall, Acrylic paint is made of acrylic resin, like latex paint. The difference is that acrylic is chemical-based, while latex is water-based. The substances make it possible for the color to expand and contract with the temperature and wheatear, making it a perfect choice for home exteriors. 

Oil-based paints produce a more challenging, longer-lasting coating than latex paints. You can use oil paints on any surface where you want to be long-lasting a durable. Choosing the right color can save your money and time, whether you are painting walls, doors, or cabinets. I hope you got a lot of information about acrylic VS oil paints and the difference between both!

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