The Best Titles to Watch in Streaming from April 25th to May 1st 2022

Best Titles to Watch in Streaming from April 25th to May 1st

Not sure what to stream? Don’t worry: as usual, we’ve compiled a list of tips for you containing seven unmissable titles , out this week on Disney + , Prime Video , Sky and Netflix. Every week, in fact, a multitude of new titles appear on the different streaming platforms that embrace the world of TV series, documentaries, films and  more , and among … Read more

Reasons: Why do People like Cinema?

Why do People like cinema

Why do people like Cinema? First of all, because humanity likes stories. Then, the stories have different functions: consolatory, anticipatory, cathartic, liberating, catalyzing. Cinema is a projection of images and mental, optative, or exorcising projection. Why is Cinema important? Cinema was considered the most important invention after printing. Any other form of artistic expression could … Read more

Top 7 Movies – Why Him Like Movies

Why Him Like Movies

“Do you ever feel like you’re not getting enough of your favourite people in the real world? But why him like movies? Like it’s hard to make time for them, or they live really far away, or don’t seem interested in hanging out with you anymore? Well, here are some ideas for how to get … Read more

How to Watch Disney Plus on your television?

How to watch Disney Plus on your television?

Since Tuesday, April 7, families keen on cinema can subscribe to Disney +, the new SVOD platform of the firm with big ears. A major player, with an abundant catalogue, between Marvel production and Pixar or Star Wars, will undoubtedly compete with Netflix. The subscription price is € 6.99 per month or € 59.99 for … Read more