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Drying time of Oil Paints

Oil paint is inherently slow drying compared to the opposite painting mediums like acrylic, watercolor, or gouache paints. As a result of this, you’ve got way more time to control color on your canvas before it dries. It can be one of all the reasons why paint is therefore widely used by artists.

After Use of oil paints, how long does oil paint take to dry? In this guide, I will discuss the painting hacks and drying time of oil paints that influence the drying time of color and how you’ll manipulate the drying time.

What Factors Impact the Drying Time of Oil Paint?

Oil paint doesn’t have a fixed drying time. Generally, it dries slower than the opposite mediums. However, the particular drying time varies depending on:

  • The surrounding temperature likes light and wind.
  • The pigment color likes; some colors dry quicker than others.
  • The real oil paint.
  • Quality of the pigments.

More different factors can impact oil paint’s drying time; however, these are the most ones.

Relationship between the Pigment Color & Drying Time

­­As describing the above factors, the color of paint will positively impact on drying time of oil paints. Here is an outline of quick and slow drying paint colors;

The Fast Drying Colors

Burnt umber

Cobalt blue

Burnt Sienna

Prussian blue

Raw Sienna

Chrome Yellow and Red

The Slow Drying Colors

Sap green


Zinc White

Alizarin Crimson and different red colors

Any metal colors cadmium yellow, metal red, etc.

The Drying times of Various Oils

In oil painting, there are various oil mediums that you will use to provide your paint more additional. These include linseed oil, safflower oil, and poppyseed oil. However, you can additionally use an alkyd that is primarily synthetic oil. We will guide you on the different drying times of these mediums oil:

Fastest Drying

Linseed oil


Slowest Drying

Poppyseed oil

Moderate Drying

Safflower Oil

In oil painting, I used linseed oil, but you can also use poppyseed oil. It will help keep your paintbrushes wet throughout painting sessions.

How to Make Oil Paint Dry Faster

You can speed up the drying time of your oil paints by using all these below techniques:

Step One

Leave your painting dry in a very well-ventilated open space wherever air circulates (a fan helps). Also, paint is slow to dry in an icy atmosphere. Therefore a heated space is preferred. Avoid extreme heat like hairdryers, as this can only create the process worse.

Step Two

Use the paint thin layers and washes, which can dry moderately quickly. If you utilize thick layers of paint, a ‘skin’ can form on a high however the color beneath can still be soft. It shouldn’t stain a painting till it’s all scorched. That can be many months.

Step Three

The third method is using acrylic paints on canvas. It dries virtually instantly, so you’ll be able to continue to use oil paints on high. However, it works terribly with success and may be a method I take advantage of very often. Besides, it may additionally save you some cash as acrylic is cheaper than oils!

Step Four

Specific colors dry a lot quicker than others because of the pigments. You may estimate which ones you go on (reds/oranges, as an example, are notoriously slow). Avoid these colors if you would like your painting ready quickly.

Step Five

Various drying mediums might be wont to speed up the method, like Liquin, and you should research which work best for you. You’ll additionally use turpentine to thin the paint in a base layer. We have found it in subsequent layers results in dull patches of color, and this method will dry quickly. 

Despite this, if you would like to use oil paints, you love the colors, the quality, and the texture. As we mentioned above, you’ve got to accept that the long drying time is all a part of that method. If you’re setting expectations for a gallery, exhibition, or person, keep this in mind. However, if you explain the drying complications, most people will understand!

How to slow down The Drying Time Of paint

Slow down your oil paint time by adding adMore different factors oils. As mentioned earlier, the oil medium you utilize can influence the drying time. Your paint will dry a lot slower if you combine it with poppyseed oil compared to the standard oil. So as a general rule, the additional oil in your paint, the slower the drying time.


So here’s what you need to know about painting hacks and the drying time of oil paints to follow the instructions. Above I have discussed all the methods as per my experience and ways I always follow. I hope you will also be impressed once you apply the above techniques.

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