How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts

If you are used to sharing videos on YouTube Shorts and would like to be able to  monetize your content, you must know that it is possible. YouTube , in fact, provides the  YouTube Shorts Fund , which awards thousands of  content creators every month.

YouTube Shorts is the new  YouTube feature , introduced in India in 2020 and available in Italy from July 2021, which allows users to create and watch  Shorts , short videos of  up to 60 seconds  in a format similar to that proposed on TikTok.  and  Instagram , all directly from your mobile device.

How to make money with Shorts

To allow users who decide to enrich the YouTube Shorts offer with their own content to have an  economic return from their videos, the platform has created the YouTube Shorts Fund , intended precisely for  creators .

The first thing you need to know about  how to make money with the YouTube Shorts Fund is that it is not possible to make a direct request to YouTube , but the fund is reserved for creators chosen and contacted by email, or through a notification on the application, directly from the platform. There are, however, guidelines that you can follow to attempt to fall within this choice. Although, in fact, to date YouTube does not provide a specific result to insert creators within the YouTube Shorts Fund, it requires some precautions.

How to make money with the YouTube Shorts Fund 

To help you make  money with your Shorts , below we have reported in detail the guidelines to follow to try to be chosen by YouTube and thus be able to enjoy the  YouTube Shorts Fund.

  • Share  a  Shorts on YouTube that complies with the  YouTube Community Guidelines, Monetization Policy, and Copyright Policy
  • Make sure that the  Short you have decided to share does not have logos or watermarks of other  Social Networks
  • Make sure your video is  original (therefore owned by you and containing images you own the rights to).

In addition to these precautions, in order to access the fund it is necessary to live in one of the geographical areas indicated by YouTube (including Italy) and to be 13 years old.

As we have already mentioned, if you are eligible,  YouTube will send you a notification, through which you can  request your bonus by the  25th  of the month in which you received the communication.

Here are the detailed steps to follow to request the  Bonus:

  • Click on the item  Request the Bonus that you find in the email or in the notification sent by  YouTube
  • Accept the bonus terms
  • Set up or link an existing Google Adsense account

If you do not have a  Google Adsense account , you can create one directly when requesting the  bonus , by selecting the item ” No, I have to create one ” that you find next to the question relating to Adsense and clicking on the  continue item and proceeding with the various steps to create your  account .

How to market your business with YouTube Shorts

Being a type of content that YouTube is paying a lot of attention to, Shorts can also be an excellent opportunity to  market your business.

How to market your business with YouTube Shorts

Just like on  TikTok and  Instagram , in fact, you can use short videos to show  your product , the latest news and unmissable promotions to users, perhaps taking advantage of the most popular trends and the most used songs, so as to reach the greatest number of people. possible and groped to make your video go viral (find out here how to make a video on YouTube Shorts go viral ). To do this, you need to be constant in publishing and bring interesting videos to the platform, which know how to entertain users and make them want to share them with their friends.

A more  direct way than that offered by the “classic videos”, which allows you to reach even more people and a new audience segment to which you can introduce your business and what you have to offer, thus allowing you to increase your earnings.

Furthermore, for all those who live in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Philippines, Great Britain, India, Malaysia and the United States, it is possible to participate in the pilot project that allows you to tag the products in the videos: a function that could also be extended in the future. to Italy and which would therefore allow them to further increase their earnings on YouTube Shorts .

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