How to Remove your Oil-Based Paint Step-by-Step Guide

How to Remove your Oil-Based Paint

Painting is fun. If you did fun with oil paints on your clothes or room wall. Oil-based paint offers an expensive, smooth look that is hard to beat. Oil-based paintings are difficult to clean. As they are not drying fast, they will not clean easily. Whether you are painting your lounge or working on a landscape, the problem is how to remove oil-based paint. It’s usually much more challenging to clean up water-based paints. 

Using the right products will make it much easier to clean the oil-based paints. The product that may cut across the oil is that the key is whether or not you want to remove the color from your brushes, skin, or fabric; you need a cleansing agent that may break it down; thus, you’ll easily remove it. We have found the best methods to how to remove your oil-based paint. Following are the ways to remove your paint from brushes, clothes, walls and your skin.

Remove Oil-Based Paint from your Brushes

After color with oil paint brushes, quickly remove the paint from your brushes. If it dries out, it will not remove easily. As mentioned below, follow step-by-step ways to remove oil-based paint from brushes.

You Will Need

  • Turpentine Oil
  • Brushes
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Warm Water
  • Paper towel


1.    Mineral Spirits or Turpentine Oil: Add the mineral spirit or turpentine oil to a small ball. Fill the bowl, add a small amount of liquid, and place it in the sink to remove paint from the brushes. Mineral spirits work so well as compared to turpentine oil. Mineral spirit is scentless, and turpentine is a powerful odour. Working with turpentine oil requires a ventilated space.

2.    Rub the brushes: After you have worked the minerals spirits into the brush. Take a small amount of liquid dishwashing soap. Pour it and rub the brushes gently.

3.    Liquid: Cuddle out the liquid from the brush. Once you have worked the dishwashing into the brush, use your fingers carefully and cuddle out the brushes’ liquid. 

4.    Rinse brushes under warm water: After removing the liquid from the brush as you can do, rinse the brushes to clean into warm water for 30 seconds.

5.    Paper towel: After applying these above four steps. Place the brush on a folded paper towel and cuddle out the liquid. With the mineral spirit, oil and dishwashing liquids are still on the brush. Set in on the folded paper and leave it for drying completely.  

If the brush is exceedingly dirty or the paint stains are old. In this case, you will need to repeat all steps two or more times to remove paints from brushes.

Remove Oil-Based Paint from Your Skin

Remove Oil-Based Paint from Your Skin

Painting on a wall or painting a picture will be the unavoidable moment you manage to paint your skin during painting. Regular paint removers can be harmful to your skin. Fortunately, there is a variety of methods for removing paint from your skin by using household ingredients. In this article, you will get natural ways of how to get oil-based paint off the skin. Use home ingredients that will not be harmful to your skin. Here are the ways to remove oil-based paint from the skin.

You Will Need

  • Natural Oil
  • Cotton
  • Soap
  • Water


1.    Fight oil with oil: Take oil products such as; vegetable oil, jojoba oil, baby oil, or olive oil and massage it into the paint.

2.    Massage with Oil: Pour oil just enough on your skin to cover the painted area. Lightly rub on it, and leave it for 2-3 minutes to soak in. After a massage with oil, wash your hands with regular soap and normal water.

3.    Scrubbing: Use your fingertips and gently rub the oil into the painted part of your skin. Gently remove the paints from your skin as much as you can.

4.    Use Cotton Balls: Dip the cotton balls in oil and rub them in your tricky rough areas and scrub on them. If you have rough or old clothes, then you can use them.

5.    Wash your hands: When you have got everything. Use soap and water to remove oil from hands or skin. 

Alcohol will dry your skin out if you leave it for too long. Use a moisturizer after you have done all the above steps. 

Remove Oil-Based Paint from your Clothes

One of the first items painting instructors teach is the cleaning of oil-based paints from clothes. These paints are used to paint permanent patterns/designs on shirts. Thus it can be tough to erase them. It will stick it forever, most of the time when you spill oil-based paints on your clothing. Here are the methods of removing the paint stains on your clothes in easy ways.

You Will Need

  • Dish soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Nail polish or Alcohol
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Butter knife


1.    Apply dish soap: Apply some drops of liquid dish soap into the paint stains. Leave them for a few minutes and scrub them with your toothbrush or nail finger.

2.    Scrubbing: Scrub the hand sanitizer in the area. If the dish soap does not remove the paint stain.

3.    Use alcohol or nail polish: If none of the soap methods removes the stain, add rubbing alcohol or nail polish over the stain. Scrub the solution off with a toothbrush and rinse.

1.    Rubbing: Mix a hand sanitizer solution and a rubbing alcohol solution. Massage the mixture into the paint spot and wipe it off with a butter knife over the paint spot.

5.    Wash your Clothes: Run the washing machine’s clothing and wash your clothes after doing the above method.

If your clothes are exceedingly dirty or the paint stains are old. In this case, you will need to repeat all steps to remove paints from your clothes.


Removing the oil paints, are sometimes gets tricky. When it dries out, it will be more difficult to remove from anywhere, so always try to clean oil paints from hands or clothes after painting as soon as possible by following How to Remove your Oil-Based Paint all the methods.

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